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Pep-Purr mint tea

Pep-Purr mint tea

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There's no denying that tea can help you relax, unwind and calm your nerves after a stressful day. But did you know that many of us can agree that the presence of a cat can do the same thing? Now, acclaimed artist Kayomi Harai - famous for her cute-as-can-be kitten artistry - is back with a charming collection of cat figurines to warm your heart faster than a hot cup of tea on a chilly morning! Introducing Kayomi Harai's Cute-Tea Express Figurine Collection, a limited edition available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Your collection begins with Issue One, Pep-purr-mint Tea. Next to arrive is Issue Two, Cam-meow-mil Tea, followed by Issue Three, Green Kit-tea and additional collectible teacup cat figurines, each a separate issue to follow.‡

Fueled by some of the most popular tea flavours from around the world, each figurine in this collection is adorably handcrafted of artist’s resin. Hand-painted finishes create the lustre of fine china to bring Kayomi’s award-winning cat artistry to life - right down to their wonderfully wide-eyed expressions. Leading the way as Issue One, you will receive a cute, sculptural black-and-white kitten all cozied up in a peppermint tea-themed teapot. Future teacup train cars are themed in different flavours of tea - like calming chamomile and healing green tea. Each cup showcases a sweet kitty on board with delicately sculpted herbal leaves. From the bold, high-gloss and metallic accents to the custom tea label graphics hand-applied to their porcelain-look finishes, every detail is right on track. The attached silvery chains connect each of these purr-fect cups together to create an adorable display in your cat decor. Plus, these figurines also make a delightful gift for cat lovers that is perfectly steeped in sweetness!

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