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Wings of Peace

Wings of Peace

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Songbirds, with their delicate plumage and voices that resonate like celestial harmonies, often seem like earthly angels sent to grace our world with music. Both songbirds and angels evoke a sense of comfort and joy, their presence a reminder of the unseen wonders that surround us. And now, with this first-evercollection of songbird and angel figurines from Nene Thomas, you can feel the uplifting presence of both these winged guardians in your home. Introducing the Wings of Heaven Figurine Collection, a limited edition available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Your collection begins with Issue One, Wings of Peace. Next to arrive will be Issue Two, Whispers of Happiness, and soon your collection will continue with Issue Three, Chorus of Glory, Issue Four, Harmonious Prosperity and additional figurines, each a separate issue to follow.‡

Taking inspiration from a beloved songbird - like the cardinal, bluebird, chickadee and more - each of the earthly and celestial treasures in this collection is carefully crafted of artist's resin by the hands of our skilled artisans. From the angels' sheltering, hand-etched "feathery" wings that shimmer with glitter to the bas-relief sculptured patterning of their flowing gowns, no detail is left to chance. Each figurine is hand-painted with lustrous pearlescent finishes in a brilliant colour palette inspired by the songbird perched upon their hand, along with rich golden accents to reflect heaven's glorious light. These figurines impart uplifting sentiments that can only come from glorious, winged messengers from above. They are sure to make dazzling additions to your angel decor and a beautiful inspirational gift for someone special.

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